How to Celebrate Minsk City Day?

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On the second weekend of September Minsk is celebrating its birthday: our city is 952 years old. The age is impressive, but we recommend you to step away from official festivities. Instead, we’ve collected a number of ideas on how to confess your love to the city on this special occasion.

 1.  Drink a decent cup of coffee 

Start this autumn in a rigth way: Minsk coffee shops will gladly help you with it. Drink coffee brewed in an alternative way, get an energy boost, learn something new about your favorite drink or discover a new spot in the city – it is a decent way to make first days of the fall not that heavy.

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 2.  Walk around the city 

The beginning of the fall is a perfect time to quietly rediscover already familiar places. We have heard that Minsk was rebuilt from scratch after World War II a million times. We might not have neither medieval old town nor glorious Art Nouveau pieces. But we’ve got something else. Head for a long walk along the utopian Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci. Sroll among the yellow houses of Asmaloŭka, where in autumn it smells like leaves and apples. Don’t miss the backyard of the Church of Holy Trinity – a secret island of peace in the buzzling center, and after all, grab a bite at vibrant Kastručnickaja street.

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 3.  Get out on a picnic 

If you did not manage to get out on a picnic during the summer, it's time to catch up. Our choice is Lošicki park and manor. You can admire interiors with luxurious furnaces and baths from the 19th century and listen to the most mystical urban legends in the manor. And in the park you’ll find a secluded corner for your rug and sandwiches.

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 4.  Explore Minsk cultural scene 

It’s time to fill in the gaps and explore Minsk cultural scene – go to the classic, interactive and avant-garde museums. We bet you have not been to all of them yet, so here is the list to choose from. For those who need modern art there are lots of opportunities to learn and expand the horizons: exhibitions in the "Ў" gallery, lectures and cinema screenings in the cultural center Corpus, or the open air street art gallery at Kastryčnickaja street.

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 5.  Grab a drink 

Minsk style bar-hopping is as simple and sincere as possible. "Centralny", "Draniki Viaskovyja" and their specialties is a soulful route for an evening. Find all the details in our article , and if you want to continue the night after these institutions are already closed – you can always go to Zybickaja.

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 6.  Go shopping 

A birthday is an occasion to make a gift! At least to yourself. Let’s go shopping: we have two different options for you. You can either meet local designer brands, get yourself a unique sweatshirt, a bright autumn coat and a backpack and go straight to a fashion party. Or you can take a nostalgic trip to the classic Minsk department stores like GUM or TSUM: they toughed out all the changes and stayed true to themselves.

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