Minsk-Based Photographers to Follow

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Here are some of our favorite local photographers who take amazing shots of Minsk. All of them have a distinct style, but their photos are broadcasting the love for the city right to your Instagram feed.



by Kasia Syramalot







by Gustav Goodstuff


This film photographer has a distinct style & sees the city in a totally unique way. His account is full of noisy parties, street art, the community of young creative locals and neon lights. He captures the atmosphere of modern Minsk that we love so much.






by Maxim Golubchikov


Street photographer based in Minsk & Kyiv. Maxim shoots mostly portraits of subway passengers & gets amazing authentic results. It's life as it is.








This account is dedicated to architecture – mostly, brutalist & modernist architecture of Soviet heritage in Minsk. It's minimalist, monumental & sometimes a bit terrifying.







Let us take this opportunity to remind you that we’ve also got an Instagram account. There we post photos of Minsk through our eyes, our favorite food or drink spots in the city and some other useful information.



Cover photo by palasatka


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