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Most likely, you have already seen his cat next to Manufactura coffee house, the gulls in Pesochnica or at least, one of his stickers on a friend's laptop. Meet Minsk artist Doctor Oy.


The letter from Doctor Oy:

– Hello. I started with the caricatures, then studied design in Minsk. After graduation I faced the uncertainty of what to do next and what's actually going on around?

At that time, I began to draw with a marker. Just for fun. The first project RUKI is about how to transfer life values ​​through gestures, signs and symbols that are associated with various movements in history and culture. I made stickers and handed them out at parties.

Once Egor Kipah & Bakey reached out to me. The guys offered me to create banger illustrations for several tracks from Bakey's album. That's how the Nagchampa cover appeared.

I am interested in pushing art forward and integrating it into the urban environment, where it's appropriate. One day I passed by Manufactura Coffee House and I liked their wall, I wanted to draw a cat there.

Now I'm collaborating with Mitya Pislyak on the project "Hi, colors co.". Mitya introduced me to the guys from Pesochnica, and then my paintings apperared at the streetfood festival.  












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