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“A rapper who does not honor his district is not a rapper” – this is a statement that does not require any additional evidence. Minsk hip-hop artists went a little further: they highly respect not only their neighborhoods, but the entire capital. Look how they render honors to the city in their dashing videos!


 Max Korzh – «Оптимист» 



Max’s videos are almost mini-movies that you can use as video guides to different parts of Minsk. In “Optimist”, the musician made a tour around Malinaŭka, Zybickaja and Kastryčnickaja. It turned out to be a pretty cool route that you can easily repeat: take a look at the Trinity Suburb and treat yourself with sandwiches from “Laŭka” at one stroke.



 Lastend – «Восток» 



The “son of a concrete box”, as he calls himself, praises the north-eastern part of Minsk so convincingly that N.W.A with their love for Compton lags appreciably behind the young artist’s respect to his habitat. Lastend shot his video which honors Ushod district at Piatra Mscislaŭca Street: he gathered with the team and decided that it was a cool place to shoot. 



 Nikita Mastiak – «Бармен» 



There are a lot of alcohol and shots of Niamiha in this video. The team “pogoda ogon” was responsible for the visuals, and these guys know they’re doing: Niamiha’s views turned out to be excellent, and the scene shot on the Island of Tears deserves a special mention.



 Blacky s Bangi – «Адвокат» 



Just by Blacky’s nickname, you can understand that his love for his native places is immeasurable. “Banga” is short name for “Plošča Bangalor”, the musician’s native neighborhood. The artist showed only a small piece of his district in the video – you can see photos of other sacred locations here.



 The Freddy Red – «Минск» 



The musician jumps on the roofs of Praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, goes party in the center and declares openly that Minsk is his home. 



 SaferOne – «Как есть» 



SaferOne calling! It means that excellent grime is vibrating in your headphones and VHS shots of Puškinskaja are flashing on your screen. The musician was born in Brest, but he orients in Minsk better than the locals, and the video confirms this.



 Max Korzh – «Малый повзрослел 2.0» 



There is another version of this song, but we like the second edition much better: Kastryčnickaja Street looks so cool here that it makes you want to break into a party right now. 



Also, check out the project  34 Music Sessions  to see our favorite Belarusian musicians perform live in various locations of the capital.




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