Visa-Free Stay in Belarus Extended to 30 Days



Tourists will be able to stay in Belarus for 30 days without a visa if they come and leave through Minsk National Airport. Such a decree was signed on July 24 by the President of Belarus.

The document lists the countries citizens of which are able to use the new visa-free regime. In fact, it repeats the list of states with 5-day visa-free status.

To enter Belarus under the new rules, foreigners need to have a valid passport, money (49 BYN / € 24 per day, or € 613 for 30 days), and a medical insurance for at least € 10.000.

Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, India, Lebanon, Namibia, and Samoa will also need a valid multiple entry visa of the EU or Schengen states and return tickets from Minsk.

The new law does not apply to those who enter Belarus from Russia or going to fly to Russian airports, because, according to Belarusian laws, these flights are internal and border control is not carried out on them.

The document comes into force immediately after its official publication.


  Find more information on how to come to Belarus visa-free here.



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Source: Photo by palasatka


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