Alive & Well: Unusual Sports to Try in Minsk

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If you’re up to spend this cold season in Minsk & think that barhopping is not the best way to manage winter stress, consider the following options to warm yourself up. We’ve gathered a short guide to some quite unusual sports one can find and enjoy in Minsk.



Capoeira represents an exceptional Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and play, accompanied by a peculiar kind of music. Capoeiristas are liberated, flexible, elusive, and always ready to strike on an opponent.

 Where to go? 

  Grupo Axé Capoeira – free first lesson, € 4 for any other

  Fundação Internacional Capoeira Artes das Gerais – free first lesson

  Abada Capoeira – free first lesson



No mountains in the country? Well, that’s an opportunity. Snow School Minsk teaches you trampoline acrobatic tricks first and then lets you backflip, frontflip, and cork in the snow-covered lands of Lahojsk ski resort.

 Where to go? 

  Snow School Minsk – free first lesson, € 7 for any other

  GoRide – € 40-60 for 2 days of training or riders of any level of proficiency

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Believe it or not, ballet is the new black. Despite its sad reputation, this sport can be really fun and entertaining. Try this cardio torture for a beautiful posture and toned legs. We’ve got some schools for you.

 Where to go? 

  Slavia – € 26/month

  Puanty – € 8 for 1 lesson

  32Fuete – € 5-7 for 1 lesson


Aerial Silk

Bored of all the pole dance/go-go/yoga stuff? Try dancing on a seven-meter piece of linen hanging from the ceiling.

 Where to go? 

  Danova – € 5-7 for 1 lesson

  Gravitacia – € 2-5 for 1 lesson



Robin Hood was not the only cool guy with some bows ‘n’ arrows. You can endeavor to hit the mark at one of these archery points in Minsk:

 Where to go? 

  Archery Club – € 8-12 for 1 lesson

  Alef Archery – € 13 for 1 lesson



Yep, you got it right. Actually, just about anyone can destroy a couple of clips at the Republican Shooting Club or Sniperland Shooting Club.

 Where to go? 

  Republican Shooting Club – irregular training, € 22 entry fee

  Sniperland – € 1 for 10 pistol shots, € 2 for 20 machine gunshots


Roller Skating

Rollerdromes are not popular in Belarus. Like, not at all. So this one, right outside Minsk Ring Road is quite special. And cheap! Rent a pair of roller skates for € 2,5 and have a one-hour ride for € 2,5 more!

 Where to go? 

  InMove – € 5 per hour



Fencing is promoted as a sport that anyone can do – from 8 to 80 years old, with no physical limitations. Has your romantic nature ever dreamt of a duel? Well, the time has come.

 Where to go? 

  Belarusian Republican Fencing Federation – prices need to be clarified by phone

  Egalite – € 9 for 1 lesson



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