The 4 Tearooms in Minsk

The 4 Tearooms in Minsk



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Here is a list of places, where you can enjoy a cup of true tea up to your taste, buy some brews home for morning and evening rituals, get fresh knowledge during tasting sessions and even find all the necessary tea pottery.


   Tea Mail / «Чайная почта»

praspiekt Niezaliežnasci, 45
Mon-Sun 12 a.m. – 10 p.m.  |  Instagram  

One of the most atmospheric tea houses is located just around the corner of the Plošča Pieramohi metro station. In a cozy backyard with a view on St. Roch cathedral, you'll find a small entrance to the old bunker – with a banner “Tea mail”. Go downstairs to the kingdom of quality tea. In the two-storied house, there is all kind of teas possible: red, green, white, mate, rooibos, pu-erh, oolong, and herbal blends. Moreover, except for just buying some tea home, you can have a cup as takeaway (btw, guys support "My cup, please" movement) or enjoy a ceremony upstairs. The atmosphere here is homely, yet very spiritual without actually being religious. Tea lovers enjoy their drinks, sitting on the floor around a tea table, chatting with competent staff always ready to give a great lecture on teas and smell aromas filling the place.

Besides that, if you need to buy some pottery or other tea-related accessories, you may have them here as well. They offer a wide choice of different pots, bowls, thermos flasks, and even figurines. And be sure to taste vegan sweets and get some popular superfood – matcha.



   Puer Club

vulica Karalia, 51 (ground floor)
Mon-Sun 1 p.m. – 11 p.m.  |  Instagram

This place welcomes guests in a 10 minutes' walk from Frunzienskaja metro station (the entrance looks like this). Despite the naming, this tea room sells and brews not only pu-erhs but also each kind of tea you'll ever imagine: gaba, mate, red and green tea, white tea. Traditionally, you can find tea accessories and beautiful specialized pottery here. Just check their Instagram to feel the vibe. If you're up for a tea ceremony – DM them to get onto the list. The ceremony isn't expensive, and it will fill you with warm relaxation partially due to the place itself – the tea-ceremony room in modest Chinese style. Every Thursday Puer Club brews pu-erh – and they say that's an unremarkable experience. Don't forget to drop in for a precious pack of tea.



   Buddha Tea House / «Чайный домик Будды»

Partyzanski praspiekt, 52 (backyard entrance)
Mon-Thu 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. / Fri-Sun – 10 a.m. – 11p.m.  |  Instagram

This place differs from others as it has a strong Buddhist background. Guys not just sell tea and make tea ceremonies – they are into the whole philosophy: hold meditations and cinema-screenings, music concerts and educational events. The tea room house like a Buddhist shrine – a separate decorated room with a big Buddha figurine, light panels, mandalas, and musical instruments. If you're hungry – note that they run a vegan/raw vegan café just in the opposite room – neat and cozy one that smells of vegan treats. As for the teas – they also sell a wide range of brews and accessories. The website is not that rich with information, but if you have a spare evening and want to spend it with a benefit for body and soul – check the place and stay for some meditation – the tea house runs them every week.



   Tea Studia

vulica Hikaly, 7a-7
Open upon arrangement  |  Instagram  

You won't be able just to drop in there to have a cup of tea – the place is about exclusive learning and brewing. It's called a tea studio – not a tea room for its educational and somehow upmarket essence. The owner of the studio – AlionaVelichko – is a tea master, a person in extreme love with tea. By the previous appointment, they offer tea ceremonies (prices quoted on the website) for two-twelve people at the studio or even can make it to your event. Except for ceremonies, the Tea studio holds tea school for those eager to know teas inside and out, and open tea evenings with philosophic, musical or literature support. And, of course, they sell tea: author tea mixes, which can be made for you or for your special person based upon the description of the person and their tea preferences. And the last option for tea-lovers – a masterclass of tea mixing, where you'll make your own tea out of your taste.


If you need just to drop in a shop or order some tea online – here are some other places to check out:  |   |   |  



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