Secret Corners: Quiet & Cozy Neighborhoods of Minsk




Just in a few minutes from city hustle and bustle, these tiny quarters keep unflappably quiet. Follow the route around the islands of peace to feel spring coming.




vulica Kisialiova, vulica Kujbyšava, vulica Kamunistyčnaja, vulica Čyčeryna 

This district is located in the center of Minsk. It was built in 1949 as basically a military town: military families lived here. From time to time, the authorities raise the issue of the demolition of this authentic area, so if you want to feel the spirit of the post-war era and the coziness acquired for decades, we recommend you to walk around here at least once. Pay attention to the backyards inside the houses №29, 31, 33 on Kisialiova Street and go deep into it. 

From here it is nice to walk and look at the Opera Theater, see the oldest brewery in Minsk, have dinner in Gurman or listen to the piano sounds from the windows of the music academy.





Tractor Plant District

Pasiołak Traktarabudaŭnikoŭ: vulica Kłumava, vulica Stachanaŭskaja, vulica Kašavoha, vulica Čabatarova

The next place that deserves attention is the neighborhood of the tractor plant. This district was built in the 1940s for the plant workers, and you can see the remains of soviet architecture with the most beautiful balconies in the city, Empire-style pilasters, arcading, and columns. One of the houses on Stachanaŭskaja Street is guarded by Poseidon with two nymphs (vulica Stachanaŭskaja, 2). The entrance to the yard at vulica Kašavoha, 18 is guarded by two lions. One might say it looks like Saint Petersburg. No wonder Russian TV series are often shot here.

If you went to explore the neighborhood of the tractor plant, you can also go to the Aŭtazavodskaja subway station. There is another sweet corner of two-story houses in the neighborhood of Čaliuskincaŭ Street. Mark on the map houses № 10, 12 and navigate further along the low yellow houses. Nearby, in the grocery store (Partyzansky praspiekt, 120) you can drink a milkshake, the recipe of which has not been changed since 1952.






vulica Miaržynskaha, vulica Kalinina

If you are somewhere in the neighborhood of Park Čaliuskincaŭ, and the park itself does not interest you, we advise you to take a walk deep into Kalinina Street. On the right side, in the neighborhood of  Miaržynskaha Street, there is a district no less atmospheric than Asmaloŭka. In the courtyards of the yellow two-story houses, you can chill under the blossoming lilac, watching the life of cats. This area was built by captured Germans immediately after the war and, unfortunately, is now under threat of demolition. So if you are somewhere nearby, start your walk from vulica Miaržynskaha, 13. While walking this neighborhood you can go out to vulica Kalinina ,1, where you can find two huge street art paintings created during Vulica Brasil Festival (the same one that gave Kastryčnickaja its modern look). If you start your walk from the side of the main avenue, grab a coffee to go at 1801 (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 95).






vulica Ščorsa, vulica Dziekabrystau, vulica Papanina

If you get to the Hrušaŭka metro station and go to Ščorsa Street, you can find two-story wooden barracks, which you won’t find anywhere else in Minsk. Each house has its own small garden, carefully decorated by residents. The house at vulica Papanina, 13a is also worth attention: despite the emergency condition, it has retained its authenticity. Going further, you can see the old building of the Avangard cinema (vulica Papanina, 9) where time stopped many years ago. 


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Photos by Tanya Kapitonova, palasatka, pp4evka


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