Where to Watch Football in Minsk?

Where to Watch Football in Minsk?

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In which Minsk bars you will definitely find football? 



Fan Zones 

Three Belarusian beer brands arranged their fan zones for the World Cup. Krynica-Arena is located on Praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, next to the Sports Palace. Alivaria is now in charge at Velokafe situated a little farther from the center, in the Victory Park (at the crossing of Praspiekt Mašerava and the Svislač river embankment). Also you will find a terrace by the brand Bobrov right in the heart of Minsk, on Kastryčnickaja Plošča. Perhaps, fan zones are the cheapest and the most sincere way to grab a few beers watching football. If you are a snob, here are 4 more options below.




vulica Zybickaja, 6

The most football bar in Minsk on the main party street of the city. Except for obvious beer, the menu offers fiery home-made tinctures. Just do not start drinking them in the first half – you probably wouldn’t remember how the game ended. Pay attention to their own version of The Last Supper, it’s a real attraction of the bar.



Royal Oak 

  vulica Kisialova, 20

It is one of the best pubs in Minsk located in the picturesque district of Asmaloŭka. The owner of the bar is a football fan, who’s made sure that games can be watched on large screens. Price range is above average.




  Plošča Svabody, 2

Gambrinus is a beer restaurant in the city center, quite popular with tourists and locals without imagination, so a table should be booked in advance. There are regular football broadcasts, though the screens are visible not from each table.



Clever Irish Pub 

  vulica Hikaly, 5

Another time-tested pub near Plošča Jakuba Kolasa. It’s classical, Irish, noisy, and spacious. There is a kicker for those who want not only to watch, but also play.



An Architect: "Minsk is a city for marching crowds"

An Architect: "Minsk is a city for marching crowds"

"Minsk hasn't changed its physical appearance those months, but inside it has changed a lot".